How do i take care of my jelly soaps?


Jelly soaps are a unique type of soap that require a bit of special care. The most important thing to remember is to keep them dry, as water can cause them to break down or lose their shape. Jelly soaps do not need to be refrigerated, they can be stored at room temperature. When using jelly soaps, it's important to be gentle, as they are fragile and can break apart. By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your jelly soaps stay intact and last for as long as possible.


When will my order arrive? 


Gilaas strives to ship out your handmade parcels as soon as possible, However we do prioritise quality over speed, so please allow up to 1 week processing time as our small Gilaas team prepares your order, and all of our products are hand made. We are based in Australia.Australia is not included in the zones as it is domestic.

Once orders have been shipped 
Zone 1: New Zealand 1-2 week estimate
Zone 2: Asia Pacific1 2-3 week estimate
Zone 3: US & Canada 2-3 weeks estimate
Zone 4: UK & Europe1 2 - 3 weeks estimate
Zone 5: Rest of World1 2-3 weeks estimate


How do i track my package?


You can track your parcels via Australia post, and once your parcel has arrived at the designated country, switch to your national courier tracking website. This way you'll get more accurate domestic updates.


Can i cancel my order? 

Orders can be cancelled if the items have not been shipped for our products that are in stock, As for custom orders as long as they have not been made they can be cancelled.


How much is the shipping fee?

Our shipping fee is all dependent on where we are sending our parcels to! Shipping costs are all calculated at the checkout. We are trying our best to accommodate all of our customers from all over the world and are actively working towards  decreasing our international shipping costs. 


My parcel has arrived damaged/goods are missing, what should i do?

As soon as you realise your items are damaged or there are items missing please take photos of how you received your package, then take your parcel to the nearest post office as soon as possible. Let them know what has happened and lodge a formal complaint. We are unable to do this for you because we are not the recipient of the package. Once the complaint has been lodged, give us an email explaining the situation. We will try our best to accommodate you, whether it's sending a replacement, refunding you or reimbursing you based on your situation.  


Where can I contact you in case of concerns with the products?

You can reach us by sending us a message on our Contact Page  or sending us a message on our social media outlets.